Cycle Imagery began as a small shop in Santa Cruz in 1982 by

New York Transplant, Joe DelNegro.  Over the course of 35 + years, Cycle Imagery has changed, grown, experimented with different ideas and plans, but the core of the business has always been fixing bikes and remaining independent.


Bikes of all types are of interest to us.  We love 'em all.  Whatever you ride or want to fix up, we want to be your source for parts and gear, or your shop to alter your bike or repair / maintain it.


One of the areas Cycle Imagery has grown is into manufacturing of new custom motorcycles under it's own moniker, Image Customs.  Image Customs is a licensed manufacturer, which makes registering and insuring your custom ride easy.  If you've ever dreamed of a custom bike, but aren't sure where to start, then come down to Cycle Imagery and let's kick a few ideas around.